MACS - MN Association of Clerical Supervisors
AMSSS - Association of MN Social Services Supervisors

MCSES - MN Child Support Enforcement Supervisors

MAFAS - MN Association of Financial Assistance Supervisors

MCHHSA - MN Counties Health & Human Services Accountants

LPHA - Local Public Health Association of MN

Minnesota Supervisors' Conference Association

The pandemic caused us to cancel for 2020, but we are planning to put on another great conference that we will all remember and enjoy.  So mark your calendars.  September 12th-15th, 2021 at Breezy Point.  We will see you then. 

We Got This! Courageous Leadership in Challenging Times

September 12th-15th, 2021
Breezy Point, MN

Earn Supervisor CEU's while networking with other county supervisors and attending training developed just for you!

Our conference blends keynote speakers, topic driven panels and workshops to provide Supervisors with the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing world.

What Will You Learn:

This conference will offer up-to-date information and tools to improve your supervisory skills.


Why You Should Go:

The MN Supervisors' Conference will enhance your knowledge and skills by providing the newest information from expert speakers, networking with other supervisors, and opportunities to discuss techniques to deal with upcoming challenges in the health & human services field. Please join us at the ONLY conference specifically for supervisors in the county health & human services. Only $60 for all four days!

Who Will Be There:

Administrative/Clerical Supervisors, Child Support Supervisors, Financial Assistance Supervisors, Social Services Supervisors, Public Health and other Health & Human Services Supervisors from  around the State of Minnesota. We also have many vendors that attend the conference.