MACS - MN Association of Clerical Supervisors
AMSSS - Association of MN Social Services Supervisors

MNCES - MN Child Support Enforcement Supervisors

MAFAS - MN Association of Financial Assistance Supervisors

AMSSA - Association of MN Social Services Accountants

LPHA - Local Public Health Association of Minnesota

MACS - Minnesota Association of Clerical Supervisors

Christy Ramsey

Becker County



Nancy Salic

Faribault & Martin Counties

115 West First St.

Fairmont, MN 56031


Jane Besch

Koochiching County

1000 5th St.

International Falls, MN 56649



To represent all clerical supervisors in the state of Minnesota in order to facilitate job efficiency and professional growth.


To be available to the state to serve on advisory committees and task forces as needed and requested.


To assist each other in carrying out effective, efficient administrative support programs while preserving the dignity and respect of clerical staff.



To share information, technical assistance, and address common concerns
Training and staff development tailored to our needs

To provide communication and support

To achieve professional growth and recognition

To increase visibility of the clerical professional within the system

To introduce members to new and challenging opportunities